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Pest Control in Slidell - Satisfaction Guarantee
Here at LaJuanie’s, we believe that if you call us to remove pests, that should be exactly what you get. But we don’t stop at doing a great job. We pride ourselves on treating you like a neighbor, being courteous over the phone and in person, and answering any questions you may have.
transparency from your pest exterminator

Complete Transparency

We are always honest about our prices and services. Once your service is complete, we can even email you a video of the work we completed at your home.

pest-free satisfaction guaranteed

Pest-Free Guarantee

All of our pest control services are fully backed by our pest-free guarantee. If your pest issue still persists after we treat your home, there will be no additional cost for any necessary re-treatment.

same-day service icon

Timely Treatments

With us, it’s all about convenience. We offer both same-day service and Saturday service. We are here to accommodate your busy schedule.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Great company to do business with! Friendly, and on time.


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Pest Control in Slidell

Louisiana has rich biodiversity, which is great for a number of reasons. But it’s not so great when nature finds its way into your home in the form of unwanted pests. If you’re dealing with pests, don’t wait to get us on the job. Our exterminators offer complete transparency from start to finish and you will remain in the loop throughout the entirety of your pest control service. Have questions about what our service includes or why we're doing something? Don't be afraid to ask.


When you call us for pest control in Slidell, you can expect:

  • Same-day and Saturday service.
  • A free pest inspection from one of our trained exterminators.
  • A treatment plan tailored to your situation.
  • Effective treatments on the interior and/or exterior of your home to get rid of pests and keep new intruders out.
  • Recurring treatments to protect your home year-round.
  • A pest-free home—or we’ll return and re-treat for free.

Same-Day and Saturday Services

Take advantage of our flexible scheduling and 100% transparency to have full confidence in what you are getting before committing. We know you want your infestation gone as soon as possible, and we also know you have a tight schedule. This is why we offer same-day and Saturday services, so you don't have to struggle to find the perfect appointment time. 

Termite Treatment in Slidell

Termites cause insurmountable damage to homes in Southern Louisiana, costing billions of dollars each year. Protect you and your family and maintain your home’s strong structural foundation with termite control from LaJaunie’s Pest Control. Our team of experts understand how prevalent termites are and how distraught the feeling is when you notice them in your home. With our superior services, you can expect long-lasting protection that includes:

  • A FREE inspection by our licensed and highly-trained exterminators.
  • Detailed treatment that includes creating a barrier around your home when we’ll place our termite treatment.
  • Re-inspection at any time.
  • A warranty that we offer on all of our termite treatments for qualifying Slidell homes. 

Comprehensive Protection Against Multiple Termite Species

LaJaunie’s Pest Control uses the best termite defense product, Termidor® to protect you against multiple termite species including the Formosan subterranean termite frequently found here in Slidell. Using only the most effective products, we guarantee that you’ll receive the best protection from termites and, with our multiple treatment options, you’ll be provided with the right protection that’s specific to your home’s needs. Call us at 985-859-7378 and schedule your FREE termite inspection.

Bed Bug Treatment in Slidell

There are no pests that can wreck your peace of mind quite like bed bugs. These tiny, blood-sucking, parasitic insects are among nature’s finest stowaways, sneaking into your home in your luggage and quickly multiplying once they’re in. Instead of surrendering your home or shelling out for new mattresses why not arm yourself with the most effective bed bug treatment in Slidell? You don’t have to put up with bed bugs in your home another day when you sign up for our available same-day service.

Our treatment comes with:

  • A thorough inspection in your home to find even the most well-hidden bugs. 
  • Prompt and convenient service from fully-licensed bed bug exterminators.
  • Combined liquid and aerosol treatments for maximum results.
  • FREE re-treatments if bed bugs return within 30 days of our initial service.
  • Available Saturday service to work around your schedule. 
  • And much, much more!

Mosquito Control in Slidell

In Louisiana, we’re no strangers to mosquitoes. These pests can cover you in itchy bites as well as transmit dangerous diseases like malaria and West Nile virus. Rather than relying on ineffective bug sprays that merely repel mosquitoes, trust our mosquito control in Slidell. We eliminate pests at their source to give you lasting relief.

When you partner with us for mosquito control in Slidell, we will:

  • Inspect your property to identify mosquito breeding areas and gathering places.
  • Apply a barrier spray treatment that eliminates adult mosquitoes upon contact.
  • Dramatically reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard.
  • Schedule recurring treatments that work with your schedule.

We also offer one-time mosquito spraying for special events. We’ll spray 24-48 hours before guests arrive, well before dinnerware and food are set up, to make things as easy as possible.

Pests Don't Have to be a Fact of Life