4 Insects That Stay Active in Cold Weather

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Carpenter Ants

Here in Southern Louisiana, carpenter ants like the year-round humidity and warmth inside your home. These pests can cause damage to your home or property if they aren’t controlled. Keep an eye out for subtle rustling noises inside your walls, little piles of sawdust or wood shavings, and hollow wood structures. It’s a good idea to get rid of carpenter ants in the winter before they swarm in the spring! Contact a local pest control company to help you come up with a proper course of carpenter ant extermination or control.


Unfortunately, cockroaches are a year-round problem here in Southern Louisiana because they love our hot, humid climate. As a homeowner, they have a permanent place at the top of your list of pest problems. They can get in through any tiny opening and reproduce quickly. Do your best to seal potential entry points for cockroaches such as cracks, crawlspaces, holes around utility pipes, and open windows and doors. Keep your house clean and check these common hiding spots: bathroom cabinets, behind the refrigerator, closet door corners, crevices in cabinets and shelves, and under the sink. And if you are worried about a cockroach infestation, don’t worry too much! Contact a local pest control company to help get rid of cockroaches and make sure they don’t come back!


Silverfish are silver to brown in color, oval and elongated in shape, and ¾” long in size. While they don’t fly, silverfish can run really fast. They are found throughout the U.S., including Southern Louisiana, and they are seen in humid, moist areas in the home, such as attics, basements, and bathrooms. Silverfish are more active in cold weather, and they like to feed on any paper products they can find in your home such as books, envelopes, magazines, and wallpaper. At least they don’t bite or spread disease! If you think you have a silverfish infestation, call a local, licensed pest control professional to help you get rid of these nuisance pests.


Termites are a notorious pest for New Orleans-area homeowners. While termites swarm in the spring, they can cause year-round damage to your property due to our mild winters. Native subterranean and Formosan subterranean termites go underground to protect themselves from the cold, but in warmer climates, they stay closer to the surface, including your foundation. Sometimes, subterranean termites can swarm in the late winter on warm days after rainfall. Keep your eyes open for signs of termites including damaged wood, mud tubes, peeling paint, piles of wings, and small holes in drywall—partner with a local pest control professional for effective, year-round termite control solutions.

Professional Winter Pest Control in Southern Louisiana

LaJaunie’s Pest Control is proud to provide expert exterminators in New Orleans and the surrounding areas that completely rid your home of bugs all year-round, including the winter months. We offer:

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  • A customized action plan tailored to your home and individual needs
  • Application of exterior treatments on the eaves and foundation of your home
  • Application of interior treatments to address current pest infestations
  • Spot treatment of  any existing issues

Allow LaJaunie’s Pest Control to protect your home against pests this winter. Give us a call at (985) 401-7244 or contact us here to get your free quote today!