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Rodent problems are more than just unpleasant; they pose serious health risks and can damage your property.

At LaJaunie’s Pest Control, high-quality service meets affordability.

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Rodent Control in Louisiana: Keep Your Home Safe and Cozy

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As temperatures drop, rodents often look for warm spaces to settle inside our homes and businesses. These clever pests not only use your insulation for their nests but also pose health risks by contaminating food areas.

Protect your space by recognizing the signs of an infestation:

  • Rodent Droppings: Often found in kitchens and pantries.
  • Noises: Listen for scratching or scampering sounds from attics, walls, or hidden spaces.
  • Visible Damage: Look for gnaw marks on food packaging or wiring.
  • Nests: Discover rodent nests in secluded areas.
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LaJaunie’s Pest Control Reviews

Randy Zimmer
Randy Zimmer
Great no hassle service. Anthony was very knowledgeable and kept informed with the service he was providing.
Alexis Leblanc
Alexis Leblanc
Brandon is always so kind and informative. He remembers what kind of animals I have and always ensures their safety during our pest control treatment. Exceptional service!
Robert Marver
Robert Marver
Identified the problem, communicated well. we signed a one-year contract hopefully of great future service
Merilee Wilhelm
Merilee Wilhelm
Ali was very professional, thorough. And On Time. I have full confidence in her work around my home. I Will continue to use LaJaunie’s for all pest control.
Sidney Rougelot
Sidney Rougelot
Dijon is extremely good at his job and a delightful professional.
Eli Gross
Eli Gross
Great work, and excellent communication!!
Linda Aubert
Linda Aubert
Ali is my favorite. She cared about my pest control situation from day one!!!
will glass
will glass
My wife and I have been extremely satisfied with Lajaunie’s. Heath, who came out for our initial consult, was not only extremely knowledgable, but also friendly, professional, and thorough. He presented us many options, all fair and with no hidden agenda. When Taylor came out to service our house (the next day!), he too was excellent—friendly and professional. Highly recommend these guys.
Lisa M
Lisa M
Very please with Ashton’s handling my pest control services. He was quite efficient and thorough with the work.
Complete Transparency
timely treatments
Timely Treatments
pest-free guarantee
Pest-Free Guarantee

Comprehensive Rodent Control Solutions

Rodents typically carry other pests, such as mites, fleas, and ticks, into your home. At LaJaunie’s, we understand the need for thorough pest control.

Our rodent control service includes comprehensive treatment without the need for costly add-ons:

  • Free Inspection: Our expert rodent exterminators will conduct a detailed inspection to identify entry points and assess the infestation level.
  • Customized Treatment Plans: We’ll tailor a treatment plan specific to your needs based on the inspection.
  • Family-Safe Treatments: We prioritize your family’s safety with environmentally friendly rodent stations available to our pest service contract holders.

Saturday Hours and Same-Day Service

Dealing with rodents is stressful enough without service delays. That’s why we offer:

  • Same-Day Service: Quick, effective rodent control to restore your peace of mind without disrupting your schedule.
  • Saturday Hours: Available for service on Saturdays to accommodate your busy weekdays.

Protect Your Family from Rodent-Borne Diseases

Beyond the nuisance and property damage, rodents are carriers of serious diseases, which can include:

  • Lyme Disease: Often transmitted through rodent-carried tick bites.
  • Salmonella: A foodborne illness that can spread through food contaminated with rodent feces.
  • Hantavirus: Can cause severe respiratory distress and renal failure, transmitted through rodent excrement.
  • Plague: Transmitted by rodent fleas or direct handling of infected rodents.

For comprehensive, affordable rodent control that safeguards your home and health, contact LaJaunie’s Pest Control today.

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Your Home Will be Rodent-Free, Guaranteed!

Here at LaJaunie’s Pest Control, we understand that you don’t just want a temporary fix–you want a permanent solution. Our goal is to completely control any rodent issue in your home, which is why we offer a pest-free guarantee. If your rodent issue still persists after our rodent control treatment, then we will come and retreat your home at no additional cost to you.

Your Transparent Team

Honesty and transparency are important to us. We will always be honest about our prices and the work we provide. You can trust that your trained rodent exterminator is being upfront about the severity of your Louisiana rodent infestation, treatment options, and the estimate we provide to you. It is important to keep you informed throughout the entirety of the extermination process. We’ll even send you a video of the work that was done after your appointment. You’ll always be in the know when a LaJaunie’s Louisiana exterminator is on the job!

Kristen is always kind, informative, and professional. It’s a pleasure to have her visit and she seems genuinely concerned about any pests that might plague us.

Jason A., Baton Rouge, LA

We Have You Covered!

Over the years, we’ve expanded to take care of more homes just like yours. There’s not a rodent issue too big or too small that we can’t tackle! We’re a locally owned and operated company that began right here in Thibodaux, LA.

Our rodent control services are available in Louisiana, including:

Don’t see your neighborhood listed above? Give us a call today at 985-859-7378 and speak to one of our friendly team members. 

Rodent Control FAQs

At LaJaunie’s Pest Control, we tell our customers to watch for droppings, hear scratching noises, find chewed wires or food packages, and notice unusual pet behavior. Rodents leave behind a clear trail, so these signs can help you identify an infestation early.

In Louisiana, rodents can squeeze through tiny gaps around doors, windows, and foundations. They also enter through holes where pipes and wires come into your home. Our city’s unique structure and climate make it easy for rodents to find their way inside.

Rodents can spread diseases like Hantavirus and Salmonella. They also carry fleas that can harm pets. Plus, their droppings and urine can cause allergies and asthma, especially in children. It’s crucial to address a rodent problem quickly to protect your family’s health.

Seal any cracks and openings around your home’s exterior. Use metal screens on vents and chimneys. Keep your kitchen clean and store food in airtight containers. Regularly dispose of garbage and declutter spaces like attics and basements to reduce hiding spots.

LaJaunie’s Pest Control uses a mix of traps, baits, and exclusion techniques to manage rodents. We focus on removing the current population and preventing future infestations. Our experts customize the approach based on your home’s specific needs and the extent of the infestation.

Absolutely. The safety of your family and pets is our priority. We use methods and products that are effective against rodents but safe for humans and pets. We’ll also advise you on any precautions to take during and after treatment.

The time to resolve a rodent issue varies, depending on the infestation’s severity and your home’s layout. Generally, you’ll see a significant reduction within a few days to a week. However, complete control might require several visits from us to ensure all rodents are gone.

We ask homeowners to clear any clutter and make sure areas like attics and basements are accessible. Removing food sources and sealing food properly can also help make the treatment more effective. We’ll provide specific instructions based on your treatment plan.

Yes, we offer follow-up services to check on the progress and make any necessary adjustments. LaJaunie’s Pest Control stands behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee. If rodents return, so do we, at no extra cost to you.

Definitely. Our team at LaJaunie’s Pest Control is experienced in dealing with both mice and rats common in Louisiana. We tailor our approach to target the specific type of rodent in your home, ensuring effective and long-lasting solutions.

Get in control of your rodent infestation with a call to the experts!


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