Cost of Mice Control in Southern Louisiana

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In Louisiana’s warm, humid weather, mice infestations are a common headache for homeowners, turning mouse control into a critical yet ongoing battle.

These pesky rodents love our climate, leading to frequent, sometimes severe infestations. Before you try a DIY method or hire professional pest control services, carefully weigh the costs and effectiveness.

Understanding these options is critical to keeping your home mouse-free without breaking the bank and maintaining peace of mind.

Key Takeaways

  • The cost of mice control in  Louisiana can range from $199-$900.
  • Costs for mice control in Louisiana depend on the treatment type and frequency, property size, and infestation severity.
  • Regular maintenance services from professionals can prevent recurring infestations.

Cost of Mice Control in Louisiana

In Louisiana, the price tag for mice control can fluctuate based mainly on factors like the infestation’s severity, the property’s size, and the frequency and methods used to mitigate these pest problems.

Typically, Louisiana’s average cost of pest control services ranges from $199 to $900. This value usually includes an initial visit, the extermination process, and follow-up visits.

Average Cost of Pest Control Treatment

  • Initial Inspection: $90 – $250
  • Extermination Costs: $300 – $900
  • Additional Services (Cleaning, Sanitation, Repairs, Exclusion): at least $300

Louisiana’s diverse regions, from urban New Orleans to rural parts, might affect pricing. Urban areas could have higher rates due to demand, while rural services might include travel costs.

Mice Treatment Cost by Type of Treatment

Like treating other common pests such as bed bugs, roaches, fleas, and carpenter ants, mice infestations in Louisiana require various treatments.

Each of these treatments has its own cost range.

Treatment TypeCost Estimate
Exclusion and Rodent Exclusion$400 to $2,000
Fumigation$1,000 to $4,000

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This method is often considered when the infestation is extensive and complex to control with other methods.

Louisiana pest control companies use this as a comprehensive solution for severe infestations that pose significant health risks.

Exclusion and Rodent Exclusion

This treatment involves a detailed, free inspection and sealing of all potential entry points. It can also serve as a preventive measure in areas with dense vegetation and humid climates that can lead to frequent rodent issues. 

Mice Treatment Cost by Frequency of Service

When considering mice control services in Louisiana, you should be aware that the cost depends significantly on the frequency of treatment.

Regular service plans are more cost-effective over time than one-time visits.

Treatment FrequencyCost Estimate
One-TimePer visit: $100 to $300
QuarterlyPer visit: $90 to $250Annual: $360 to $1,000
MonthlyPer visit: $45 to $70
Annual: $540 to $840
Semi-MonthlyPer visit: $40 to $60Annual: $480 to $720

One Time

For a one-time treatment, you can expect a service to target an active pest infestation with immediate, intensive treatment, but it may not prevent future problems.


A quarterly service plan, which includes visits every three months, provides ongoing protection against infestations. 


A monthly service option offers more frequent inspections and treatments, enhancing prevention.


Opting for a semi-monthly service involves treatments every two weeks and is usually recommended for severe or persistent infestations.

Mice Treatment Cost by Severity of Infestation

Assessing the severity of mouse infestations in Louisiana is crucial, as it impacts control measures and costs.

Signs like droppings and nests indicate the scale, which can range from small to large, with each size presenting different health risks.

Infestation SeverityCost Estimate
Minor$100 – $500​
Moderate$500 – $1,000
Severe$1,000 – $7,000+​


A small-scale infestation typically involves signs such as droppings, occasional sightings of mice, or evidence of nibbling.

You might find isolated nests in seldom-used areas. The presence of mice at this level is manageable, and early intervention can prevent escalation.


Individuals may notice more frequent droppings at a medium level, especially in areas where food is stored or prepared.

Sounds of mice in the walls or ceilings become common, and live or dead mice might be sighted.

Nests could be discovered in multiple locations, signaling that the infestation is spreading.


A large infestation is evident through numerous droppings, gnawed items, a persistent musky odor, and regular mouse sightings during the day.

At this scale, there’s a heightened health risk, as mice can carry diseases, and the extent of the infestation suggests a significant breeding population.

Professional extermination services are often required to tackle large infestations efficiently.

Mice Treatment Cost by Size of Property

Addressing mouse infestations in Louisiana requires understanding that the size of your property significantly influences the approach and cost of treatment. 

For a more precise estimate tailored to the specific size of your property, it’s best to contact local extermination services. 

Property SizeCost Estimate
Small$100 – $500
Medium$500 – $1,000
Large$1,000 – $7,000+


It typically includes setting up initial traps and possibly minor sealing to block entry points.


It might involve more extensive trapping, more entry points to seal, and more in-depth cleaning and monitoring.


It would cover extensive extermination efforts, including comprehensive trapping, extensive sealing of entry points, thorough cleaning, and possibly repairs for damages caused by the infestation.

Cost of DIY Mice Control

You can opt for DIY pest control methods, which are typically less costly but may be less effective.

Conversely, hiring a professional service provider offers expertise and thoroughness with the best pest control method, albeit at a higher price point.

Treatment ToolCost Estimate
Snap Traps$10 to $20 per set
Glue Traps$5 to $15 per pack
Bait Stations$20 – $40 per prefilled station
Electronic Traps$20 – $50 per trap

Snap Traps

Snap traps are a cost-effective solution for homeowners. While reusable, they require regular checks to maintain effectiveness.

Glue Traps

Priced slightly lower than snap traps, glue traps offer an economical alternative. These traps are for one-time use and are often criticized for being less humane.

Bait Stations

Bait stations contain pesticides that also kill cockroaches and wasps. These provide a discrete approach to managing mouse infestations. Although convenient, remember that refills are necessary, contributing to ongoing costs.

Electronic Traps

Electronic traps bring a high-tech edge to pest management and control, offering a sophisticated solution. Not only are they practical, but these traps can also be used repeatedly, maximizing their value.

Professional Mice Control in Southern Louisiana

Remember, when infestations are severe or persistent, calling a professional pest control expert in Louisiana is the best way to tackle your mouse problem fast.

If you have a persistent mouse problem and are in need of help, give us a call at (+1)985-859-7378 or book a session online to secure fast and effective pest control services.