How Do Exterminators Get Rid of Rats?

Rats! These sneaky critters have been bumming around with us for ages, wrecking our homes and health.

They breed like crazy, turning a tiny problem into a rat takeover. That’s where exterminators come in—true pros using science and smarts to boot these pests out and keep them out.

Curious about other cool tricks they use? Stick around to find out how exterminators get rid of these little invaders!

Key Takeaways

  • Common signs of a rat infestation include droppings, gnaw marks, unusual pet behavior, noises, and visible nests.
  • Professionals use various extermination methods, such as traps, bait stations, and rodenticides, tailored to different rat species and environments.
  • Safety during extermination is critical, including wearing protective equipment and using safe trapping techniques.
  • Preventing future infestations involves sealing entry points, managing food sources, and regular property inspections.
  • If recurring rat sightings or signs of a severe infestation occur, contact professional exterminators, especially with Louisiana’s favorable climate.


To tackle a rat infestation effectively, you need a keen understanding and an eye for the telltale signs they leave behind.

Signs of a Rat Infestation

Signs of a Rat Infestation

A careful look around your home might reveal several signs that indicate a rodent problem. Common signs include:

  • Droppings: Small, dark droppings, particularly in concentrated areas, are a clear sign of an infestation.
  • Gnaw Marks: Check for new, rough gnawing marks on furniture, wires, or food packaging.
  • Unusual Pet Behavior: Pets can become fixated on areas where they hear or smell rats.
  • Noises: Sounds of scratching, squeaking, or scurrying, especially at night, suggest an active rat population.
  • Nests: Unusual piles of shredded materials can be a signal of nesting rats.


Exterminators utilize various strategies for effective rat control.

These methods suit different environments and rat species, like the roof rats (or black rats) and Norway rats.

Trapping and Baiting Techniques

To effectively manage a rodent problem, professionals choose the proper trapping and baiting technique.

Here’s a list of the various bait trap methods to kill rats:

Snap TrapsTraditional rat traps with a spring-loaded bar.
Live TrapsCages that capture rats alive for relocation.
Glue TrapsBoards coated with a sticky substance that traps rats.
Bait StationsSecure enclosures with rat bait that prevent non-target animals from accessing the poison.
RodenticidesChemical baits that cause internal bleeding or neurological disturbances in rats.


Fumigation is another critical rodent control professionals use for extensive rat infestations, particularly in large or complex structures where other removal methods might not reach or be effective.

It’s highly effective for severe infestations but is usually considered a last resort due to the need for extensive preparation and the potential toxicity of the chemicals used.


At LaJaunie’s Pest Control, our rodent service is included in our Healthy Home plan. If the situation calls for it, we will do a Healthy Home + Rodent, which comes with four rodent bait stations, attic treatment, and more, for:

  • Initial Payment: $230
  • Monthly Payment: $49

If it’s part of our wildlife exclusion prevention program, a technician will perform a full inspection to provide an exact price for the service.

Here’s a brief overview of our rat removal process:

1. AssessmentDecide on regular control or inspection by a certified inspector. Schedule if necessary.
2. ArrivalInform the customer upon arrival of the scheduled inspection.
3. InspectionInspect exterior for sealing needs, take photos, document issues, discuss and agree on solutions, and schedule service.
4. PreparationThe crew reviews the account, gathers equipment, and notifies the customer of arrival.
5. Exclusion WorkSeal exteriors and attics, apply exclusion materials like cement or steel, and cover gaps and potential entries.
6. Baiting(If Healthy Home Plus) Strategically place bait stations based on detected evidence.
7. Attic InspectionLook for trails, damage, odors, droppings, and nests; reassess the exterior if needed.
8. Attic TreatmentLightly dust the attic, focusing on corners; place Maki Paks and bait boxes.
9. Burrow EliminationUse CO2 burrow eliminator for burrowing rodents; note extra fees.


Deciding when to call in the pros can be tricky, but a few tell-tale signs indicate it’s time to pick up the phone.

If you’ve spotted rats repeatedly or noticed an ongoing parade of these critters, it’s time for a pest control expert to intervene.

Whether you’re in New Orleans or Baton Rouge, seeking expert help should be easy. For immediate intervention for a severe infestation, let Lajaunie’s rat control specialists tailor a solution that’s right for your home.

For more information about the areas we service, visit our location page.