10 Tips for Getting Rid of Mice in Louisiana


Dealing with mice in Louisiana? You’re not alone. These little invaders can sneak in, breed quickly, and cause all sorts of trouble, from damaging your home to spreading diseases.

Thanks to Louisiana’s warm climate, mice are a problem year-round. But don’t worry—there’s hope! From smart prevention tips to effective traps and professional help, we’ve got the strategies you need to keep your space mouse-free.

10 tips for getting rid of mice

1. Seal Up Entry Points

Mice can squeeze through the tiniest of openings. To keep them out, you must:

  • Inspect their property for cracks, gaps, and holes in the walls, windows, and foundations.
  • Seal these vulnerabilities using durable materials like steel wool, caulk, or weather stripping.

Here are critical areas you should inspect when dealing with your pest problem:

  • Foundation cracks
  • Window and door gaps
  • Roofing fissures
  • Attic vents
  • Basement openings

2. Keep It Clean

Mice are attracted to areas with ample food sources and nesting sites. To deter them:

Recommended ActionDetails
Airtight Food StorageStore food in airtight containers to keep it inaccessible.
Immediate CleanupClean up spillages immediately to remove attractions.
Regular DeclutteringDeclutter storage areas regularly to eliminate potential nesting spots.

3. Store Trash Properly

The way you store trash can significantly impact mouse attraction:

  • Opt for trash cans with tight-fitting lids or locks to prevent access.
  • Clean bins weekly to eliminate lingering food smells.
  • Manage compost effectively by turning it regularly and securing it in a rodent-proof bin.

4. Use Mouse Traps

To maximize efficiency, tailor the placement and choice of bait to the specific type of mouse trap you’re using. 

Different traps serve different needs:

Trap TypeEffectivenessBest For
Snap trapsHighImmediate removal
Live trapsModerateHumane catch-and-release
Glue trapsVariableLimited spaces and quick fix

5. Trim Landscaping

Overgrown landscaping offers shelter and breeding grounds for mice. To avoid this:

  1. Trim bushes and shrubs away from your home’s perimeter to eliminate hiding spots.
  2. Keep grass short and remove garden waste promptly to discourage nesting.

6. Introduce Natural Predators

Incorporating natural predators into your environment can be an effective strategy to control mouse populations. Consider:

Natural PredatorDescription
CatsNatural hunters can significantly deter and reduce mouse presence.
OwlsInstalling nesting boxes can encourage owls to nest nearby.

7. Secure Storage

Controlling access to potential nesting materials can significantly reduce the likelihood of mice establishing themselves in your home.

Implement the following strategies, as mice have strong chewing capabilities:

  1. Avoid storing soft materials like blankets and fabrics in unsealed or thin plastic bags.
  2. Opt for heavy-duty storage bins with tight-fitting lids to prevent mice from gaining access. 

8. Store Firewood Properly

Proper firewood storage is crucial in avoiding mouse harborage:

  • Elevate wood and store it away from home.
  • Keep in a dry place to discourage mice.

9. Install Door Sweeps

Door sweeps are an effective measure to prevent mice from entering through the gaps under doors.

Follow these steps to install your door sweep:

StepsAction To Take
MeasurementEnsure you measure the door bottom to find a suitable sweep.
SelectionChoose a door sweep that fits the measured dimensions.
Installation ToolsGather the necessary tools for installation, such as a drill, screws, and a cutting tool if needed.
Installation ProcessRead the installation instructions on the packaging to secure the door sweep.

10. Position Ultrasonic Devices Strategically

While ultrasonic devices are marketed to repel mice, their effectiveness can vary:

  • Positioning: Place devices strategically to cover your entire home.
  • Effectiveness: Investigate studies or reviews on their effectiveness before purchasing.


Deciding whether to call a pest control company for a mouse problem in Louisiana can leave one scratching their head. But sometimes, the little critters just don’t take the hint.

If you’ve spent more time trying to achieve a pest-free home than enjoying your place, pest control experts might just be the answer.

Whether you’re in Covington or Zachary, seeking expert help should be easy. For immediate intervention for a severe infestation, let Lajaunie’s mouse control specialists tailor a solution that’s right for your home.

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