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Pests and wildlife could feel welcome in your attic.

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Pests and wildlife could feel welcome in your attic.

Pests including insects, rodents, and wildlife like to take up residence in your attic because there’s a lack of human activity and a warm place to shelter, especially during the winter months when we experience occasional cold snaps. Common attic pests that could infest your Southern Louisiana home include bats, rodents (mice and rats), and wildlife (raccoons and squirrels).
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If you notice these signs of pests, take proper action promptly.

Signs that you have pests in the attic include scratching and scurrying sounds, foul odors, plus visible signs like droppings, dead animals, and insects. Some attic pests like bats and rodents can reproduce quickly, leading to major infestations. Attic pests can also spread diseases and cause property damage.

Remember, it’s not a good idea to handle live animals on your own. A local, licensed pest control company can identify and remove whatever pests are living in your attic. When it comes to wildlife removal, a specialist can quickly, safely, and efficiently get rid of your wildlife problem and prevent re-entry.

Some local pest control companies will also offer attic insulation repair services. Here in New Orleans and the surrounding parishes, your home may seem too hot in warmer seasons or too chilly in colder seasons. This could indicate a problem with insulation. Insulation can be damaged by mold, pests (insects and rodents), poor ventilation, or too much moisture:

  • Removal – Attic abatement is the process of removing old, soiled insulation from your attic.
  • Sanitation – After the damaged insulation is removed, the entire attic is sanitized to ensure it’s germ-free and safe for your family.
  • Installation – A technician will install cellulose or fiberglass insulation at an R-19 value.

For Southern Louisiana homeowners, the combination of attic insulation repair paired with quarterly pest control treatments creates an effective pest barrier and more enduring pest protection.

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