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Your garage is a popular access point for pests.

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Your garage is one of the most accessible ways for pests to gain entrance into your New Orleans-area home. Your garage door is sometimes left open for long periods. Also, the constant opening and closing of the doors let vehicles in and out, but it also works the same for pests. This makes your garage interior one of the most important areas for pest control in South Louisiana.

Pests think of your garage as an extension of your house – the same amenities (food and warmth) but with more places to hide. By this, we mean more clutter, dirt, and dust. Common Southern Louisiana pests that you may find in your garage include ants, beetles, crickets, flies, nuisance wildlife, rodents (mice and rats), silverfish, sowbugs, and spiders. Identifying the types of bugs and wildlife living in your garage is the first step in keeping them out.

A pest control company will inspect your garage to identify the source of the pest problem and recommend a proper course of treatment. They will look for entry points, signs of pest damage to storage, and more.

You can take preventative steps to keep pests out of your garage. This includes eliminating access and entry points. Use weather stripping on doors and windows and seal any cracks or holes with caulk and/or steel wool. Repair any leaky pipes and use a dehumidifier if necessary to get rid of excess moisturizer.

Remember, the best way to keep pests out of your garage is to keep it clean – sweep and vacuum regularly. Reduce clutter by organizing storage items and keeping them off the floor. It’s also recommended that you use sealed plastic containers over cardboard boxes which can be nesting places for pests like rodents.

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