Fast Relief With Same-Day Bird Removal


Need immediate bird control? LaJaunie’s Pest Control delivers rapid, same-day solutions to free your property from bird-related disruptions.

Our expert team quickly evaluates your situation, crafting a tailored approach for swift resolution. From bird netting installation to repellent applications and advanced avian methods, we’re on it—ensuring your space is peaceful and clean, pronto.


Bird Removal in Morgan City

Tackling bird invasions in Morgan City demands local savvy—exactly what LaJaunie’s Pest Control brings to the table.

Our skilled technicians dive deep with a meticulous inspection, pinpointing the hotspots and gateways birds use to infiltrate your property.

Armed with cutting-edge bird control methods like sophisticated bird netting, we ensure a bird-free environment, safeguarding your property against damage and disturbances.

Count on us for unmatched bird removal that brings back your peace of mind.

You can also call us at 985.859.7378 or request a free quote

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LaJaunie’s Pest Control Reviews

Randy Zimmer
Randy Zimmer
Great no hassle service. Anthony was very knowledgeable and kept informed with the service he was providing.
Alexis Leblanc
Alexis Leblanc
Brandon is always so kind and informative. He remembers what kind of animals I have and always ensures their safety during our pest control treatment. Exceptional service!
Robert Marver
Robert Marver
Identified the problem, communicated well. we signed a one-year contract hopefully of great future service
Merilee Wilhelm
Merilee Wilhelm
Ali was very professional, thorough. And On Time. I have full confidence in her work around my home. I Will continue to use LaJaunie’s for all pest control.
Sidney Rougelot
Sidney Rougelot
Dijon is extremely good at his job and a delightful professional.
Eli Gross
Eli Gross
Great work, and excellent communication!!
Linda Aubert
Linda Aubert
Ali is my favorite. She cared about my pest control situation from day one!!!
will glass
will glass
My wife and I have been extremely satisfied with Lajaunie’s. Heath, who came out for our initial consult, was not only extremely knowledgable, but also friendly, professional, and thorough. He presented us many options, all fair and with no hidden agenda. When Taylor came out to service our house (the next day!), he too was excellent—friendly and professional. Highly recommend these guys.
Lisa M
Lisa M
Very please with Ashton’s handling my pest control services. He was quite efficient and thorough with the work.
Complete Transparency
timely treatments
Timely Treatments
pest-free guarantee
Pest-Free Guarantee

Signs of a Bird Infestation


Spotting a bird infestation right away is key to maintaining your property’s tranquility and health. Our team offers free inspections to identify these common indicators:

  • Nest Discoveries: Look out for nests or materials in hidden spots.
  • Droppings Accumulation: An increase in droppings on various surfaces signals their presence.
  • Behavior Changes: Increased bird activity or sightings can be a clear sign.
  • Environmental Damage: Watch for damage to vegetation or structures, indicating foraging or nesting.

30-Day Guarantee for Peace of Mind

At LaJaunie’s Pest Control, we offer a 30-day guarantee for peace of mind with our bird removal services in Morgan City. We understand the importance of ensuring that your property remains free from bird infestations and the disruptions they can cause. With our guarantee, if any bird-related issues persist within 30 days of our removal efforts, we will return promptly to address them at no additional cost to you. You can trust in the effectiveness of our bird removal services and our commitment to ensuring your satisfaction and restoring tranquility to your home or business.

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Highly Trained Bird Removal Technicians

What’s more, we believe that pest control shouldn’t break your bank. That’s why we offer various coupons to help you get quality pest control at a quality price.

Here at LaJaunie’s Pest Control, our bird removal technicians in Morgan City are the best of the best and can give you the relief you deserve as fast as possible. Our staff is fully licensed by the Louisiana Dept. of Agriculture. Additionally, they have also passed our in-house one-on-one training program. When you partner with us for your professional bird removl, our experts will:

  1. Conduct a thorough bird inspection of your home to determine the severity of your infestation.
  2. Schedule your service when it’s convenient for you and keep you informed with pre-treatment instructions.
  3. Target every area of your property, utilizing bird netting for large spaces, bird repellent for eaves, and avian bird control methods for yards.
  4. Provide a 30-day guarantee so if birds persist within those 30 days, we will re-treat for free.

Same-Day and Saturday Servicing

If you need to know how to get rid of birdss fast, the answer is LaJaunies Pest Control. The sooner you let us remove the birds in your home, the sooner you can rest easy! Can’t wait for relief? Give us a call at 985-859-7378 and we will treat your home that very same day. Don’t have time during the week? Request Saturday service and we will treat your home over the weekend. Providing convenient, professional bird treatments are important to us. We will always do our best to accommodate your schedule with our bird removal services!

I love how well they listen to all of our concerns with every visit. They are knowledgeable and personable.

Marcie N., New Orleans, LA

Proudly Serving Morgan City and Surrounding Areas

LaJaunie’s Pest Control was founded in 2008 right here in Thibodaux, Louisiana. For the last decade, we have been proudly serving the members of our community. We take great pride in being locally owned and operated. We believe it gives us an edge over our competitors because we know the bugs in this area better than anyone else. Our local knowledge allows us to offer the most effective bird control service. We offer our bird removals in Morgan City throughout several locations in the River Parishes, including:

Don’t see your neighborhood listed above? Give us a call today at 985-859-7378 and speak to one of our friendly team members. 

Customer Service Is Our Top Priority

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Customer Service Is Our Top Priority

LaJaunie’s Pest Control prioritizes customer service and makes sure it’s ingrained in every member of our staff. Before your service begins we will text you appointment reminders and confirmations, and we will never show up unannounced. After your home is treated for birds, we can email you a video of the work our exterminators completed. We are proud to be transparent with our customers! Our stellar customer service even earned us a 4.9-star average review score! When you choose us for bird control, you will see for yourself why our customers are so happy!

Bird Control FAQs

Signs of a bird problem include frequent bird noises, nests in vents or ledges, droppings around your property, and damage to the exterior of your building from pecking or nesting. If you notice these signs, LaJaunie’s Pest Control can help identify and address the issue.

LaJaunie’s Pest Control deals with a variety of nuisance birds, including pigeons, sparrows, geese, and ducks. We have solutions tailored to manage different types of birds causing problems on your property.

Our approach to bird exclusion involves a thorough inspection to identify the problem areas and bird types. We then use humane and effective methods like bird netting and avian control to prevent birds from accessing and nesting in those areas. Each plan is customized to the specific needs of your property.

Yes, the bird exclusion techniques we use at LaJaunie’s Pest Control are safe for the birds, your family, and pets. We focus on humane methods that deter birds without causing them harm, ensuring the safety of all involved.

While no solution can guarantee birds will never return, LaJaunie’s Pest Control implements strategies designed to make your property less attractive to birds. By using physical barriers like netting and employing repellents, we significantly reduce the chances of birds returning.

Birds can cause various damages, including blocking gutters and downspouts, damaging roofs, leaving unsightly droppings that can corrode building materials, and potentially spreading diseases through their droppings. Addressing a bird problem right away can prevent these issues.

To make your property less attractive to birds, eliminate food sources, secure trash bins, remove standing water, and use bird-proofing measures like spikes or netting on potential nesting sites. LaJaunie’s Pest Control can provide specific recommendations for your property.

Yes, LaJaunie’s Pest Control offers cleanup services for bird droppings and nests. Removing these elements is crucial for restoring the hygiene and safety of your property, and we have the expertise to do so effectively.

If you find an injured or baby bird during the exclusion process, please do not touch or move the bird. Contact LaJaunie’s Pest Control, and we can advise on the best course of action or refer you to a local wildlife rehabilitation center.

Yes, LaJaunie’s Pest Control handles bird exclusion for both residential and commercial properties in Morgan City. Whether you’re dealing with birds at your home or business, our team is ready to develop a customized solution to meet your needs.

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