A Guide to Louisiana Roaches

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Cockroaches are common insect pests found all over the world, including New Orleans and the surrounding area. And a lot of people think they are downright disgusting! They are resourceful pests that are great at hiding and can find many places in your home including narrow cracks and crevices, behind refrigerators, and dark cabinets. The first step in cockroach control is to learn more about these resilient pests. 

Why are there so many roaches in Louisiana?

There are so many cockroaches in Louisiana because they like our warm, swamp-like weather which we experience all year round. They can even withstand an occasional cold snap by coming inside heated buildings. There’s also plenty of food for them including decaying organic plant materials including leaf litter and the bark on live oak trees.

What are the types of roaches in Louisiana? 

Did you know that there are over 4,500 species of cockroaches in the world? Good news – only 30 are considered pests. But let’s not downplay these common types of roaches who call Southern Louisiana home, especially when they frequently show up as uninvited guests! 

American cockroaches

American cockroaches are found all over the world, including in Southern Louisiana. They measure 1 ¼  – 2 ⅛ “ long, and they are reddish-brown with a yellowish figure 8 pattern on the back of the head. Both male and female American cockroaches have wings and can fly short distances. Not-so-fun fact, American cockroaches can live for a week without their head! 

Brown-banded cockroaches 

Brown-banded cockroaches have been common pests across the U.S. since their arrival in the early 1900s. They measure ½ “ long, and they are brown, with pronounced banding across wings. They are smaller and nocturnal, making them harder to spot. Keep an eye out for signs of an infestation including droppings resembling black specks or smears. 

German cockroaches

German cockroaches are one the most common species of cockroaches in Southern Louisiana. The roaches measure ½ – ⅝ “ long, and they are pale brown in color, with two dark-brown stripes behind the head. German cockroaches live up to 12 months and produce more eggs than other roach species. They have wings, but they rarely fly and prefer to run instead.

Can cockroaches really survive a nuclear blast? 

There is a famous myth that cockroaches would be the only creatures to survive a nuclear blast, based on reports that roaches survived the aftermath of the 1945 Hiroshima bomb. While cockroaches are resilient pests, there is no conclusive evidence that cockroaches could survive a nuclear bomb and the radiation exposure that would follow. Just remember that common species of cockroaches breed quickly, lay large numbers of eggs, and are harder to kill with chemicals than other common household pests. 

Are cockroaches dangerous? 

Cockroaches are not sanitary, but are they dangerous? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cockroaches are considered an allergen source and an asthma trigger for you and your children. Cockroaches are not directly linked to disease outbreaks at this time, but they have been known to carry salmonella typhimurium, Entamoeba histolytica (parasites), and the poliomyelitis virus. While cockroaches don’t bite, they have heavy leg spines that may scratch. Also, the site of cockroaches in your home can be stressful.

How to keep cockroaches away 

The best way to keep cockroaches away is to make your home less attractive to them. Remember that roaches prefer dark, humid, and tight conditions. Keep your home clean and sanitary and eliminate clutter whenever possible. Here in New Orleans and the surrounding area, there are a lot of old, historic buildings. Unfortunately, older houses with insufficient sealing can be more susceptible to outdoor cockroaches invading. Make sure you properly seal all entrances around doors, pipes, and ventilated spaces to keep roaches out. 

How to get rid of cockroaches

While roaches prefer dirty homes, they can also be found in clean homes. If you notice a roach crawl across your kitchen floor, a natural reaction is a scream and then an internet search for “how to kill a cockroach” or “how to repel a cockroach.” DIY cockroach removal is not recommended for a number of reasons:

  1. Cockroaches reproduce quickly, and an infestation can quickly get out of hand.

  2. At-home remedies for cockroach removal will only remove visible roaches and not those living in your walls, attic, basement, or crawl space.

  3. Purchasing products such as bait or store-bought repellent is a trial-and-error process that could cost you time and money.

  4. Applying products in your home can be dangerous to you, your family, and your pets if you’re not trained or don’t properly follow instructions.

When looking for effective cockroach control and removal, it’s best to leave it up to the professionals!

Professional cockroach removal near you 

If you want to kill roaches in your home, it’s important to have a plan! A licensed, trained pest control technician can evaluate your home, determine the scope of your roach infestation, and customize a treatment and prevention plan that best fits your needs.

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